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How To Get Pregnant Naturally Fast

The act of procreation is sacred and every culture from the beginning of creation has recognised that sex is sacred and has surrounded it with all kind of Taboos and Sacred Rites. All have recognised God’s immediate
presence in new life, and especially when that life is the spirit of a man or a woman entering this world.

God created man and woman and ordained them to procreate and multiply. Man would leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife so that they can become one flesh. This is amply demonstrated in the sexual act when the union produces a single unique individual.

To attain the goal of procreation, God has painstakingly set up processes in both the man and the woman to ensure the continuity of the human race.

People in the medical world have taken time to study these complex processes in man and woman, and have come up with astonishing discoveries. This knowledge has however not been adequately passed onto the general populace, and the lack of knowledge has invariably led to the denial of the fruit of the womb.

For a new baby to be formed, seeds from the man must be deposited in the woman in the right quantity, quality and must arrive in the womb of the woman at the right time. The condition in the womb of the woman must also be conducive to receive the seeds; and the lining of the womb must be prepared to provide enough nutrients to allow the newly formed union to grow.

For all the aforementioned, we therefore need a deep understanding of the processes that lead to procreation to be able to fulfil all the above condition.
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