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Cholesterol Therapy Using Juice

fresh vegetable juiceCholesterol therapy using juice is a health solution that is simple and can also be enjoyed. Juice is very effective to remove toxic and maintain body condition.
In this case the juice comes from fruits or vegetables that have not been processed (cooked or mixed with other materials). So that the mineral substance and fruit essences and vegetables directly in the absorption by the body.

The use of juice has some benefits, including:

1. The body can absorb essence and fiber only in the 10 - 15 minutes, so that the healing process is relatively quick.
2. Absorption into the body occurred in the digestive system required is relatively small energy, so it does not interfere with the metabolic system that requires more energy.

Some types of fruit and vegetables that can be used for healing therapy cholesterol are:
Apel, Avokado, Wortel, belimbing, lemon, kubis, pisang, jambu biji, bayam, dan lain sebagainya. Apel, Avokado, Carrot, star fruit, lemon, cabbage, banana, guava, spinach, and others.
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