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Prevent Cervical Cancer by HPV Vaccine

Except pap smears, measures to Prevent Emergence of cervical cancer in women is by Vaccination. Current Efforts to combat the growing problem of cervical cancer vaccine is ameliorated by the presence of Human papilloma virus (HPV), the which was introduced into the community.
HPV Vaccination Should Be done since the age of 9-26 years in both boys and girls. Also Because men tend to pass on cervical cancer.

"Unfortunately for HPV vaccine price to be paid every time you make a vaccine is very expensive around Rp1, 3 million. But price is not comparable to suffer from cervical cancer," said dr. Rachmawati on the sidelines of Teaching Science for Society Layman Dharmais Cervical Cancer Early Detection Cancer Hospital in Jakarta, Tuesday (8 / 4).

HPV vaccine injection performed three times at weeks 0, 2 and 6. The workings of this vaccine to stimulate antibody immune response against HPV in the which the antibody was arrested for the murder of the HPV virus HPV That cans not enter into the neck of the womb (cervix).

Cervical cancer tends to Arise in women aged 35-55 years (at the time of productive age). But it May Also Appear in younger women. The cause of this cancer is the Human Papilloma Virus is a virus attacks That Humans and Potentially lead to complications and infertility.

The journey was very long illness with symptoms Such as bleeding after intercourse, abnormal bleeding (excluding the time of menstruation), bleeding after menopause and disorders of the vagina (kekuniangan discharge, smelly). and other symptoms, the which Often occurs is pain in the hips and legs.