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Encourage Early Detection of Cervical Cancer

Efforts for early detection of cervical cancer (cervix) needs to be encouraged to prevent evil consequences. During this time, many patients who come to the hospital when the cancer was in critical condition.

Hospital obstetrician Dr Hasan Sadikin Yudi Mulyana Hidayat SpOG (K) said that, until now there is no national data on the number of patients with cervical cancer. "However, in the world, cervical cancer is the number two killer after breast cancer so that cancer is called the silent killer ladies. In RSHS course, every month there are 150-200 new patients with cervical cancer. Most of them come in the condition is severe," said Yudi, Tuesday (3 / 2).

In fact, said Yudi, when disease is severe surgery is difficult. "Delays in treatment can be fatal form of death," he said. Yudi said the delay is generally caused by the examination of culture and financial problems.

Early detection of cervical cancer can be done by using Pap smears and colposcopy. Cervical cancer usually affect women who already had sexual intercourse. Yudi said the disease is caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which is transmitted through a man's penis.

"In the past, cervical cancer usually affects women aged 35 years and over. However, today I've found cases of cervical cancer in women aged 21 years," ujara Yudi. Early detection of cervical cancer will become one of the material in the Symposium and Workshop titled "Gynecology and Pelvic Surgery in Practice" which will be held at the Hotel Aston Villa Bandung.