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Cervical Cancer Awareness Women will Inaugurated

Cervical cancer is the number one cancer that often occurs in women in Indonesia. However, information on this issue has not been known and there is a general assumption is wrong: many women feel at risk because they lead a healthy life and not multiple partners.

However, the facts show, each woman without memadang ages and backgrounds at risk for cervical cancer is caused by infection or re-infection by HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) causes of cancer (oncogenic).

Therefore, Indonesia Cancer Foundation establish cervical cancer as a first priority in its program. One of the programs is to establish PPKS (Women's Cervical Cancer Awareness), which is the first in Indonesia advocacy committee that focuses on cervical cancer.

PPKS Inauguration will be done by the Minister of State for Women's Empowerment Meutia Farida Hatta Swasono on December 18, 2008.