Cancer Awareness

cancerCancer rates are lower in people who eat only fruits and vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage broccoli and Brussels sprouts help to guard against cancer because they contains the compound indol-3-carbinol which changes the way oestrogen is metabolised in the body. The more oxidant rich food we eat, the more protection we will have.

Diets high in beta carotene-are found in carrot, sweet potatoes, and dark green leafy vegetables, and water leaf. All these have shown protection
against cancer. Citrus carotenoids and flavonoids have been shown to neutralise powerful chemical carcinogens in animals. Low level of selenium has been directly linked to higher rates of cancer.Soya beans have been found to contain at least five compounds believed to inhibit cancer growth. One of these compounds is chemically similar to the drug Tamoxifen, which is now used to treat oestrogen receptor and inhibit cancer growth.

Fiber is very important because it determine how much we excrete. Soluble fiber binds oestrogen so that it is excreted more efficiently. Chronic constipation has been linked with some cancers, breast cancer inclusive. Sometimes, waste product not properly and promptly disposed may end up in the fatty tissues of the body including the breast. The importance of fiber as far as breast cancer is concerned cannot be down played.
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